onsdag den 10. marts 2010

February ´10

February ´10 was a blast to make.
All the tracks are first takes! We had so little time to make it(1 day) that we decided to do everything as quickly and as focused as possible instead of recording fewer songs.
This is what came out of it


1. Untitled #14
2. Down
3. Step outside
4. Dusk
5. La Realité de Jacques Noir

Here's the link


January ´10

Good people of the Universe..

Here's January ´10

1. Ode to J.R/Happiness
2. Captain's Log
3. Cinderella (Fucked up)
4. Madman
5. Great Gallery

Hope you enjoy!

Here's the link


mandag den 11. januar 2010

December '09

After the profound psychedelic intake of last month we tried to create music embodied around the spirit of Christmas. With Phil Spector and his amazing album in the back of our heads we pranced around in women's clothing thinking that this was as crazy as politics

If you're wondering why these demo's came up so late on the blog it's because we've just started it. January demo is in the making!XO

December tracklist:

1. The Awakening
2. It's Christmas
3. Song 3
4. White Snow

Here's the URL for the download:


November '09

Somewhere in October we did some shrooms and this is where the idea for a more alternate demo came to be. Inspired by Ravi Shankars massive Sitar play we entered a whole new world of sound and music, totally strange to us rock connoisseurs. Nevertheless we took the challenge with great respect and tried to combine some of the emotions given from eastern and western music.

November Tracklist

1. Gems
2. Teleport
3. 3,4,5 - Trimethoxyphenethylamine
4. Into the Sunshine
5. Psychedelia, or bending your knees to strange powers

Here's the URL for the download:


October '09

Here's the October demo. First time user of mediafire but hope it works!

1. Diamonds
2. Fata Morgana
3. Clouds
4. Nothing but a Bug to You
5. Spiritual Bouquet

Copy the following URL to Download:


"September '09"

Hey all you musically inclined people out there with your heads swirling in sounds and bodies full of ideas of landscapes that are not visible!
Our first demo called "September" is here for your pleasure only.. This music is free and obtainable with no payment, whatsoever
September Tracklist:

1. Your Head
2. Zum Zum
3. Crystal Clear
4. In the Valley of the Sour
5. Neu Symphony

Here's the URL for the download


onsdag den 28. oktober 2009


So we've started up a blog.. Soon all our demo cds will be available for download on this page and we'll be posting comments on bands we like and perhaps have played with so you can check them out!

Patrick Kociszewski